Cancer Survivor

3/1/2020 Mr. J (age 64) had gastrointestinal surgery last fall due to cancer. When he came home from the hospital he received eviction notice from his landlord with 2 weeks notice to leave. His SSI income was very meager, but a kind landlord (whom SVDP had helped years ago!) allowed Mr. J to rent a unit with the hope that Mr. J’s caseworker could secure rent funds. The funds for that grant ran out but SVDP volunteers came to the rescue! Two SVDP home visit volunteers met Mr. J at his new apartment, listened to his story and prayed with him. The next day a volunteer drove Mr. J to the water district office and paid to get his water turned on (he had been living with no running water for over a month) and then paid his first month’s rent. Mr. J’s doctor was concerned because he had started to lose weight post-surgery, so the volunteer also took him to get groceries, as his food stamp allotment was only $50 per month.