Heater & Air Purifier

3/25/20 FM (age 71) called the SVDP helpline and asked for a space heater. Since all utility companies in MO had agreed not to disconnect clients during the pandemic, our phone volunteer was at first confused by the request and told FM she could turn up her thermostat. Due to the stay-at-home order, SVDP was doing “virtual home visits” with in-depth phone calls so a home visit volunteer left several messages with FM before she finally responded 10 days later. Turns out FM was very susceptible to pneumonia, and needed to be in a warmer environment than most people, so much so that her doctor wrote a letter to her previous employer explaining why she be allowed to wear a coat and scarf at work. FM already had a heater/air purifier on hold at a local hardware store. FM had also contacted a local agency that helps seniors, Aging Best, and had secured $100 of the cost thru a grant especially for elderly women. SVDP covered the rest of the cost ($150) of the heater/purifier and delivered the unit to FM’s garage. FM was very grateful but she also wondered if SVDP could find her a piano so she could play hymns while at home under pandemic lockdown. With the Holy Spirit’s help, maybe so!